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 "Carm" Tinto
Douro Doc 2012

Inaugurated in May of 2003, this space owes its name to a medieval tax, practiced in harbors of the Christian world, and that consisted of a tribute to the King, of ten percent, of the fishing’s or trades that were carried.

The restaurant maintains its original XV century design, by work of architect Paulo Fernandes and engineer Irene Baptista Fernandes, that created a great harmony between the past and the present. A game of contrasts between the rugged textures of the stone and the soft surfaces of masonry and cement, the ceilings shaped like cross or crib, the metals rusted by acid, the floor of limestone from Lourinhã and the furniture teak woods. These assets, complemented with a great service of “Schott Zwiesel” and "Riedel" glasses, are the tonic for a rare and wide wine cellar. The big dimensions of the tables, the sobriety of the “mise-en-place”, over Swedish polychromatic individual cloths, provide a sensation of space, comfort and relaxation, assets very unusual in restaurants of such type. The terrace is a privileged space of the building, offering a unique view over the Tagus River, from the bridge to Bugio lighthouse, the river mouth.

The village of Paço d’Arcos, from early has known a certain commercial development, that came from fishing, materializing as its fundamental axis, the Rua Direita, known today as Rua Costa Pinto. The House of Dízima and Toll, a building from the XV century, possibly a sort of warehouse, was used on the time of the Marquise de Pombal, has the house where the tax payment was practiced over the fishery that was delivered in the village’s harbor, from which ten percent of it would be delivered to the Marquise – medieval tax practiced on the Christian harbors- being that fact the origin of the house name, CASA DA DÍZIMA. Later, on the XIX century, this was the house of one of the biggest figures of Paço d’Arcos, the Commander Joaquim Lopes, that, as it is known, worked at the shipwrecked service, being on its command during several decades, having installed on the outside a bell, that we can still see on the west side of the building, to alert bad weathers or storms. This explains also the name given as House of the bell. Connected deeply to the past of the population, it’s one of the main village’s building of the nowadays village of Paço d’Arcos, being a construction of undeniable historical interest that goes back to the XV century (1490-1498), either for its architectural outside treaty, out the inside plant on which stand out three rooms with ceilings like cross dome, and one with a crib dome.

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